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Look like a million bucks with hair extensions we offer!

Putting extensions in a person’s hair has become one of my favorite obsessions, along with eyelash extensions!

Making someone’s day by giving them full, luscious hair is a highlight and one I love to share on social media and celebrate with my clients in person.

You might have any reason for getting extensions put in your hair: you want your hair longer, or more full for a special event, or you need to fill it out to disguise balding or other problems (like a bad haircut!?). I just know I want you to walk out of my salon feeling better than you came in.

So call me and set up an appointment to discuss extensions and we’ll talk about how you will look with your fabulous extended hair! Last thing: extensions come in many colors, but I can color any hair to match, so let’s chat and get an appointment set up: (801) 938-4844

jennifer with bead weft extensions back portrait

While Jennifer is growing out her own hair, she is keeping her extensions. This is a move up of the extensions.

jennifer with bead weft extensions portrait

Trim & extension move up on this cute girl 🥰🥰 look how well her color is growing out!!

bridget before and after extensions

I am seriously obsessed with the transformation that can happen with a good set of beaded weft extensions and styling.

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What are beaded weft extensions?

Many hair extension types cling to the hair, pulling it out… slowly. Ouch!
Beaded weft extensions, however do not use any standard glues, tape or chemicals to damage the hair. Instead, small silicone beads are used to hold a sewn extension row and the hair is woven and looped to hold the extensions in place.

They are lightweight and don’t damage the hair follicle, though you will need to move them up, occasionally. Still, they can be reused several times making them some of the longest-lasting extensions on the market today. Indeed, with proper maintenance, you won’t need new extensions for 8 or more months!

Are beaded weft extensions good for me and my hair?

They come in many colors and styles, but these hair extensions are best for moderate-to-coarse hair, NOT fine hair. However, they are much faster to install than standard extensions, last longer and can be used over and over again, you’ll just need an appointment to come have them moved up every 4 to 6 weeks.

The best thing about beaded weft extensions is that they are a MUCH more comfortable and less damaging weave. So let’s chat today!

What's the price for these extensions?

Beaded weft extensions are $90 per row (that’s two weaves per install.) Any hair-matching for color or styling, etc, is a separate charge. We’ll discuss it all on the phone: 801-938-4844

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