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I love doing hair and lashes for all my clients. I don’t always get pictures, and when I do, it is often just the “after” shot. Still, I thought you’d like to see some of the work I’ve done.

Thanks so much for visiting us here, on this page, I/we.. Allie’s Hair & Beauty Studio is ready to be your stylist and help you be the beautiful person you are.

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amber after highlights 2 portrait
dixie before cut color and brazilian blowout
veronica dark hair before highlights portrait
michelle before hair extensions portrait
sara before blond extensions sq
mckenna before and after extensions
mary before balayage portrait
dixie haircut and brazilian blowout after
veronica dark hair after highlights portrait
michelle after hair extensions portrait
sara after extensions sq
before and after hair extensions and balayage color treatment
mary after balayage and style portrait

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hair color in process 1 portrait
madi blonde roots 1 before portrait
mary before balayage portrait
madalyn before blond hair color highlights portrait
lily before blond highlights portrait
jaimee before highlights portrait
jaimee before highlights portrait
bridget before extensions portrait
extensions and balayage portrait
balayage 7 portrait
carli highlights after portrait
Jamie-after-extensions-balayage portrait
madi blonde highlights after portrait 1
mary after balayage and style portrait
madalyn after blond hair color highlights portrait
lily after blonde highlights portrait
jaimee after highlights
jaimee after highlights
bridget after extensions portrait
dark balayage 8 portrait
balayage 5 portrait
balayage 4 plus highlights portrait
highlights and balayage header
annie before balayage portrait
amber before blonde highlights portrait
allies hair and beauty mobile header
bailee before highlights on roots portrait
annie after balayage portrait
amber after blonde highlights 1 portrait
amber after highlights 2 square
bailee after highlights in hair portrait

Get a haircut, trim, color or extensions by a licensed (and experienced) stylist.

I specialize in "blonding." But I do it all!

I am a genuine, dependable and encouraging hair stylist

You will look fantastic, guaranteed!

What is blonding?

Any hair treatment that requires a lightening of the hair is blonding. So, bleaching, blonde coloring, highlighting, balayage, and ombre techniques are all “blonding” techniques and I am an expert at these hair coloring techniques!

How soon can I get my hair colored?

I usually have several appointments every week that change times or cancel, so just call and I’ll see if we have any available at a good time for you.

Why does hair get "brassy"? (yellow, orange or red tones)

Brassiness happens when the bleaching or lifting doesn’t get rid of all the underlying pigment in your hair. It’s your natural hair color trying to come back through, without some pigments. A good toner treatment can help. Call Allie to talk about it today.

Hair & Beauty Reviews

People say a lot of nice things about my services. I am grateful and I've collected some here for you to read.

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